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From the Chairman

Dear Member of Lloyd’s,

For more than thirty years, the Association of Lloyd’s Members (ALM) has worked to support and develop the interests of independent capital providers to Lloyd’s. The market is complex and evolving. For all of us Names – I have been underwriting since 1985 – the need for a united voice at the highest levels is paramount.

My fellow ALM Directors and I work hard to ensure that independent capital providers remain on the market’s radar at all important junctures. At the level of Lloyd’s governing Council, we ensure that Names’ interests are considered in any critical decision. At the business end of the market, we work with managing agencies to encourage increased deployment of the flexible and loyal capital provided by Names. Outside, we work with tax and regulatory authorities to ensure that Names get the best deal possible. Members agents generally do a good job of looking after your interests as an individual Name. The ALM is the only group which looks after the interests of Names as a whole.

Information is one of our key offerings to members. Six times a year we produce ALM News, packed with content you won’t find anywhere else. Articles include analysis of developments affecting our underwriting, as well as features exploring issues such as Names’ taxation and capacity auctions. ALM News is the ONLY comprehensive source of news targeting ALL Names’ interests. Additional briefings and bulletins are circulated as appropriate. No other source provides such a complete and focussed information package prepared exclusively for ALL Names.

Finally, and most importantly to some, the ALM provides Names with multiple opportunities to meet other Names, to discuss underwriting strategies and the market outlook, and simply to socialise. Events range from comprehensive conferences in the summer and the autumn, to relaxed lunches and informal meetings.

We are all in the risk business, and we’re in it together, so please join your association now.


Marcus Johnson, ALM Chairman

Marcus Johnson, BA (Oxon)
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