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ALM Office - COVID-19 Update

Wednesday 25 March 2020

ALM Office Update - COVID-19

The ALM team is currently working remotely until further notice. 

You can contact us on (link sends e-mail) or leave a voicemail on 020 7283 0931. 

ALM members will continue to receive their regular e-Bulletins and scheduled publications.

New CEO for the ALM - Appointment of Belinda Schofield

8 November, 2018


The ALM is pleased to announce that Belinda Schofield has been appointed as Chief Executive with immediate effect. She replaces Chandon Bleackley who has returned to Australia and who will continue as ALM Publications Editor.

 ALM Chairman, Alan Lovell, welcomed her appointment as follows:

 “I am delighted that Belinda will be joining us as Chief Executive. She is very well placed to help the ALM to enhance its role in being the voice of private capital at Lloyd’s.”

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma

12 September, 2017

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma

The Future of Private Capital at Lloyd's - Clark/Harman Review

1 August, 2016

 The 2016 Private Capital Report was commissioned by the Association of Lloyd’s Members (ALM) and the three Lloyd’s members’ agents.  Its aim was to survey the attitudes of the managing agency community, and other interested parties, about the future of private capital within the Lloyd’s Market.  The report was written by Chris Harman and Ian Clark.  The launch of the Review was held in Lloyd’s Old Library today (1 August 2016), where it was very well received by a packed audience of members and managing agents, Lloyd’s personnel and other interested parties.

Election of Philip Swatman to Council of Lloyd's

15 December, 2015

ALM board member Philip Swatman has been elected unopposed to the Council of Lloyd’s. His term of office begins on 1 February 2016 and lasts for three years. Philip joined the board of the ALM earlier this year and has been a Name since 1984. He now underwrites with his wife through a LLP, with a capacity of £1,444,708 for 2016. More details of his business background, including advising Lloyd’s and then Equitas on Lloyd’s ‘reconstruction and renewal’, were contained on page 3 of the October / November issue of ALM News.

ALM Secures Votes for Disenfranchised Names

3 October, 2014

Under the Lloyd’s Act 1982 and Lloyd’s byelaws, the register of members of Lloyd’s is split between Working Members and External Members and the External category is then further divided into Individuals and Corporates. The distinction between Individual External Members (IEMs) and Corporates was introduced following the Pen Kent review of 1998 and was designed to group together, for purposes of voting in Council elections, those members whose interests are most closely aligned.

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