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ALM Office - COVID-19 Update

31 March, 2021

Wednesday 31 March 2021

ALM Office Update - COVID-19

The ALM team continues to work remotely until further notice. 

You can contact us on (email is the preferred method of contact but you may leave a voicemail on 020 7283 0931). 

ALM members will continue to receive their regular eBulletins, scheduled publications and event invitations.

ALM Secures Votes for Disenfranchised Names

3 October, 2014

Under the Lloyd’s Act 1982 and Lloyd’s byelaws, the register of members of Lloyd’s is split between Working Members and External Members and the External category is then further divided into Individuals and Corporates. The distinction between Individual External Members (IEMs) and Corporates was introduced following the Pen Kent review of 1998 and was designed to group together, for purposes of voting in Council elections, those members whose interests are most closely aligned.

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