No More Equitasians

Reinsured Names no longer have any legal responsibility for Lloyd's pre-1993 policies under UK law. The ALM therefore believes that its Category C members will no longer require its services after this year, as this category exists for Names who have resigned from Lloyd's and have no open years, so that their only remaining involvement was their liability for the policies reinsured by Equitas.

Accordingly, the December 2009 issue is the last issue of the Equitasian and its publication will now cease. The ALM will therefore not collect any further subscriptions (including any subscriptions which would otherwise have been collected in January 2010) from Category C (Equitas only ALM members).

The Equitas website remains a valuable source of information and Names who require further information can access it at

Equitas Part VII Transfer

In October 2006 Equitas entered into an agreement under which National Indemnity Company, a member of the Berkshire Hathaway group of companies, reinsured all Equitas' liabilities and took on the run-off of Equitas' liabilities.

The transaction was structured to occur in two phases. Phase I was completed in March 2007.

The High Court made an order on 25 June 2009 approving the statutory transfer of the 1992 and prior non-life business of members and former members of Lloyd's to Equitas Insurance Limited. Mr Justice Blackburne was firmly of the view that it was appropriate to sanction the transfer scheme. The transfer covers all the business reinsured by Equitas Reinsurance Limited at the time of Reconstruction and Renewal in 1996, and includes the PCW syndicates' business reinsured by Lioncover Insurance Company Limited and the Warrilow syndicates' business reinsured by Centrewrite Limited. The transfer became effective on 30 June 2009, after which time Names are no longer liable for their 1992 and prior years' underwriting liabilities at Lloyd's as a matter of UK law.

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