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ALM News April/May 2016


The 2013 account has delivered another fantastic profit for the average Name even if Lloyd's overall has fallen from a profit of 11.8% of capacity in 2012 to 9.1% in 2013.  As usual, Names outperformed the corporates, this time by 3.5% of capacity, as the average Name achieved a profit of 12.4% of capacity.

ALM News February 2016


We are pleased to report that, for 2016, Names’ capacity has been maintained at about £2.7 billion which is about

10% of the Lloyd’s market’s total capacity. The number of active Names trading in the market has decreased

marginally from 1,939 in 2015 to 1,902 in 2016.

ALM News December 2015

Market Responds to Continued Softening

As the final push towards the January renewals of annual reinsurance treaties and large insurance contracts rapidly approaches, little has changed in the pricing outlook at Lloyd's and in the wider international insurance market since the October/November issue of ALM News. Prices are falling almost universally.

ALM News Oct/Nov 2015

Little Cheer for 2016 Pricing

As reinsurers begin to set the tone for pricing in 2016 - which will also affect the cost of underlying insurances - there's little to cheer about, only disagreement over how far rates will fall.

ALM News February 2015

ALM News October 2014

No More Equitasians

Reinsured Names no longer have any legal responsibility for Lloyd's pre-1993 policies under UK law. The ALM therefore believes that its Category C members will no longer require its services after this year, as this category exists for Names who have resigned from Lloyd's and have no open years, so that their only remaining involvement was their liability for the policies reinsured by Equitas.

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