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Fannie Mae seeks more reinsurers as it innovates on risk transfer

22 October, 2019 - 10:31
Fannie Mae, the US government-backed financial institution that provides liquidity to the US mortgage markets by buying mortgages from lenders, is urging more reinsurers to consider participating on its risk transfer programme as it looks to further innovate in terms of the types of risk it is passing on.

In a world dominated by short-term gains, Holborn bucks the trend

22 October, 2019 - 10:30
In a world dominated by short-term gains, Holborn bucks the trend. As Holborn edges closer to celebrating 100 years in business next year, Berto Sciolla, one of its newer recruits, explained to APCIA Today what attracted him to the firm and what sets it apart.

Beazley seeks 10% average rate hikes as reinsurers prop up pricing J-curve

22 October, 2019 - 10:00
Beazley is seeking a 10 percent uplift in pricing across its portfolio as an average and is prepared to walk away from business it deems unsustainable, Mark Vaughan, deputy head of treaty with responsibility for writing the US & International treaty account from London, told APCIA Today.

Munich Re combines with primary insurers to discover hidden loss drivers

22 October, 2019 - 09:14
Munich Re says developments in data analytics and artificial intelligence have enabled it to discover hidden loss drivers and respond accordingly, for example by introducing loss-prevention measures or adjusting pricing.

David Barber Joins Fortegra as chief underwriting officer

22 October, 2019 - 08:59
David Barber, a Lloyd’s underwriter for 30 years specializing in US casualty business, is joining Fortegra Financial Corporation as the Chief Underwriting Officer for specialty lines in London.

Consultancy firms urged to insure against Brexit fallout

22 October, 2019 - 08:55
Consultancy firms are being urged to square up to the potential challenges of Brexit and implement insurance measures to help stave off the many risks that could lie ahead.

Aon sees increase in demand from US and ILS funds for weather forecasting models

22 October, 2019 - 05:17
Demand for secondary perils forecasts is growing, with a rise in interest from traditional reinsurers in the US and insurance-linked securities (ILS) funds, according to Chris Ewing, head of client management for Aon’s Impact Forecasting division.

Munich Re’s Hopke views cyber as strategic growth area, despite fact segment is still small

22 October, 2019 - 05:16
Cyber is one of Munich Re’s main strategic growth areas, according to Doris Hopke, member of the board of management at the reinsurer. She said that while the cyber segment part of the firm’s market “is still small” the number of incidents is increasing rapidly, and the financial impact of these incidents is becoming more severe.

Hannover Re’s E+S Rück expects improved prices and conditions for 2020 on the German market

22 October, 2019 - 05:14
Positive premium development is expected on the German market in the year ahead, according to E+S Rückversicherung the Hannover Re subsidiary responsible for the group’s German business.

Re/insurance is keeping pace with economic changes: Antares

22 October, 2019 - 05:13
The reinsurance industry is adapting well to the changing shape of the global economy, said Richard Anson, head of ceded reinsurance at Antares.

The benefits of increased demand

22 October, 2019 - 05:12
VIG Re is benefiting from increased demand from buyers keen to work with a reinsurer that can offer something different and a low cost ratio, Johannes Martin Hartmann told Baden-Baden Today.

Embrace change, but don’t forget what made you successful in the first place, says VIG Re

22 October, 2019 - 05:11
The re/insurance industry is too obsessed with embracing change and should remember what made it successful in the first place, according to Johannes Martin Hartmann, chairman of the board of directors at VIG Re.

Small is beautiful in the world of reinsurance broking, says Beach as it sizes up to the big three

22 October, 2019 - 05:10
Beach believes it is a great time to be a smaller broker, and is not daunted by the challenge of competing with the “big three”. 

Reinsurance industry continues to worry about pressure on rates

22 October, 2019 - 05:09
Pressure on rates continues to be a considerable concern for the re/insurance industry ahead of the renewals season, with more than half of the respondents to a recent survey by Intelligent Insurer citing it as their biggest challenge.

Pricing must adapt to new risks

22 October, 2019 - 05:08
Re/insurers are realising that pricing needs to adapt to the new risks presented by increasingly severe weather-related events, as Claudia Cordioli of Swiss Re explained to Baden-Baden Today.

Reaping the rewards of an upgrade

22 October, 2019 - 05:07
Following its rating upgrade to ‘A’ last year, Sava Re is taking on more cat business and enjoying steady growth, as the firm’s Peter Skvarča and Edward Ottino tell Baden-Baden Today.

Edinburgh Council pays £1.1m to insure tram extension against terrorism

21 October, 2019 - 11:19
Edinburgh Council is to pay £1.1 million on an insurance policy protecting the tram extension against being delayed by a terrorist attack or a flood, the Edinburgh Evening News has reported.

CPP launches SME cyber insurance product

21 October, 2019 - 11:16
InsurTech company CPP Group has launched a new cyber Insurance product, for SME businesses, on the Acturis insurance administration and trading platform.

Insurers treating vaping the same as tobacco smoking

21 October, 2019 - 10:43
Insurance companies are starting to treat vaping the same as tobacco smoking when assessing premiums for life insurance and mortgage protection policies, reports The Sunday Times.

Kingsbridge reports strong growth in contractor insurance

21 October, 2019 - 10:36
Kingsbridge Group, a provider of specialist insurance services to skilled contractors, freelancers and the recruitment and utilities industries, has announced strong growth for the year to 31st January 2019.


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