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Welcome to the Association of Lloyd's Members

Thursday 4 June 2020


ALM Office Update - COVID-19


The ALM team is still working remotely until further notice. 


You can contact us on or leave a voicemail on 020 7283 0931. 


ALM members will continue to receive their regular e-Bulletins and scheduled publications.


Our 2020 Summer Conference has now become a series of three Summer Webinars, on 17, 23 and 25 June.  Booking for these is now live in our Events section.


The ALM represents private capital at Lloyd’s, the world's largest and oldest insurance and reinsurance market. Our mission is to advance Names’ interests, whether they underwrite with unlimited or limited liability, as sole traders or through group vehicles, and to keep them abreast of the important news and developments which affect their affairs at Lloyd’s.

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